Make a Referral

Our network of Referral Partner organisations can register people to receive a cash grant.

We are working with selected statutory and voluntary groups to ensure we can help the people in greatest need.

We carefully manage the number and type of organisations we partner with to ensure we target our funds effectively.

If you are a registered partner, this page explains how to refer someone to the Hardship Fund.

If you would like more information please read the FAQs.

Section A: Check criteria

Answer the following three questions to decide if the person you are referring is eligible for the hardship fund.

1. Is the person you’re referring unable to afford any of the following?

  • Food, clothing and toiletries
  • Somewhere safe to sleep
  • Access to a telephone and the internet
  • Fuel and equipment to cook or stay warm

If yes, go to question two.

If no, we cannot support them through the Hardship Fund.

2. Do they have any of the following forms of income?

  • Paid employment of any kind
  • Pension
  • Statutory support including Universal Credit, Asylum Support or any other state funded support (excluding Child Benefits)
  • Regular financial support, bursaries or voluntary sector grants
  • Income from savings

If yes, we cannot support them through the Hardship Fund.

If no, go to question three.

3. Do they fall into any of the following at risk groups?

  • People with No Recourse to Public Funds
  • People who have had disruption or delays to welfare benefits or asylum support
  • Households who have lost their primary earner (deceased) to coronavirus
  • Survivors of gender-based violence, including domestic abuse
  • People facing homelessness or living in temporary accommodation
  • People who have been required to shield
  • People with a significant deterioration in their mental health
  • People with a significant deterioration in their physical health

If yes, go to Section B.

If no, we cannot support them through the Hardship Fund.

Section B: Consent

Please help us protect people’s privacy by reading the following statements to the person you are referring.

You will be asked to share their answers on the referral form:

  • By submitting my information, I consent to the British Red Cross storing and using my personal information in order to provide cash assistance
  • I consent to being contacted by text to activate and manage my cash card

Please share the information below when discussing their choice:

The British Red Cross is committed to privacy and will use personal data for the purpose it was collected or other legitimate purposes we tell you about: for example, to provide goods, services or information you have requested or to administer donations or services we provide.

We may also analyse data we collect to better understand the people who support us or those who use or deliver our services. Sometimes this means us combining that data with information from reliable public sources.

Our research allows us to tailor communications and services in a more focused and cost effective way, as well as better meeting your needs and the needs of others like you.

However, we will never do this in a way that intrudes on personal privacy and will not use your data for a purpose that conflicts with previously expressed privacy preferences.

For full details about how we use personal data, our legal basis for doing so and your privacy rights, please see our Privacy Notice.

Section C: Order a card

Now you’ve checked their eligibility, you can begin ordering their card.

To do that you will need to login to Red Rose, our card ordering system. All referral partners have their own username and password to login.

Log in to Red Rose

Email if you have forgotten or lost your login details.

Once logged in, follow the instructions to order a card.

What information do I need?

As a Referral Partner, you need to complete the form on your beneficiary’s behalf.

You will need to add the following information (mandatory fields are marked with an asterix*):

  • Title and name* – e.g. Mrs Jane Smith
  • Date of birth*
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Language preference
  • Address and postcode* – this is where the bank card will be posted
  • Mobile phone number – this can be used to activate the bank card automatically. If no mobile phone, please email
  • Telephone
  • Email – adding this allows the beneficiary to mange their card online
  • Number of dependants* – the number of people who rely on the applicant for financial support, such as partner or children – enter ‘0’ if the applicant is a single person
  • The name of the referral organisation*
  • Your own name*
  • Your contact details* – we may need to check details of the referral with you, please give a direct means of contact so support is not delayed
  • Reason for referral*

What happens next?

Once you have submitted the form, our team will be alerted. They aim to process the application the same day.

Once the details have been checked, a card will be posted to the beneficiary. This should arrive within 5 days.

When the user receives the card, they can activate it by following the instructions in the envelope.

The card will have £120 on it.

If you have requested longer-term support, a further payment of £120 will be made four weeks after activation. The final payment of £120 will arrive four weeks after that.

Get help with a card

Card users can call us Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm for help with cards. The number sent out with the card.

Card users can log in at to manage their money.

They can also download a full user guide from our cash card page.